Leadership Keynote
Brett Culp
Filmmaker and Cinematographer
The central theme of the ACE Summit is to bring healthcare leaders out of silos and collaborate to improve healthcare delivery. It’s tough. Brett Culp has reframed leadership as an art form that brings to the forefront collaborative leadership leading to greater impact. Brett will share his journey to a leading filmmaker and cinematographer by bringing diverse groups together.
Brett Culp Biography
Brett Culp is an acclaimed filmmaker whose work has inspired audiences around the world. He is the personal cinematographer for Hollywood stars, music icons, beloved authors, hall of fame athletes and royal families. His films are featured on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and other top digital platforms.
With his uplifting documentary film Legends of the Knight, Culp pioneered a groundbreaking approach to community building and relationship-driven engagement. Instead of launching this feature film through normal distribution channels, he offered anyone in the world the opportunity to screen it in their local movie theater with proceeds benefiting the charity of their choice. This unique plan gave individuals the freedom to use the movie as an open-source tool for bringing people together to make a positive impact.
Without a single dollar spent on marketing or advertising and no paid staff, the feature film successfully screened in theaters in over 110 cities across the globe raising $100,000 for charity. Each showing was hosted by local volunteers who took the initiative to organize and promote the event. Culp inspired thousands of people, many of whom had never planned a community event, to become leaders engaged in a passionate mission.
For Culp, this experience reframed leadership as an art form that invites people to connect with a noble vision and make a difference together. Rather than thinking as a traditional filmmaker, his projects are collaborative efforts, pulling diverse groups of people into dialogue and ultimately leading to stronger communities and greater impact. Culp has developed an expertise for creating 'mini-movements' that inspire the heroic spirit in everyone.
His work as a filmmaker has built more than a fan base of followers. He empowers people to find their own path to leadership.  Culp's uplifting keynote at the ACE Summit will deliver practical methods for aligning teams behind a meaningful mission and creating growth through trust and genuine connectivity. His high energy program is filled with touching moments, extraordinary filmmaking stories, humor and insights about developing rewarding relationships through generosity and authenticity.
Culp's work is on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and other top digital platforms. He has been featured in USA Today, Entertainment Tonight, WIRED, The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime, WEtv, and many more. The newest edition of the college textbook Documentary Storytelling devotes an entire chapter to Brett’s production style.
He is the co-founder of The Rising Heroes Project, a 501c3 that supports charitable organizations and empowers community leaders.  The ACE Summit audiences will leave his speech with a renewed sense of hope for the future and belief that their efforts can make an impact.