Lunch N Learns are in-depth educational forums offering the opportunity for discussion of current issues impacting the architecture, capital equipment, and engineering sectors of the healthcare industry.  These invitation-only sessions provide honest and open dialogue about strategies, problem-solving, and informed decision making in the changing atmosphere of healthcare.  (Invitation Only Event.  Pre-registration is required.)
Below is more detail about the 2018 ACE Lunch N Learns.
For more information about hosting a Lunch N Learn at the 2019 ACE Summit, please contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725.
Monday, February 19
11:00 am -- 12:45 pm
Chastain E
Re-envisioning the Capital Equipment Supply Chain
Today, healthcare supply chain is decentralized. Project managers constantly battle to consolidate information from separate applications.  However, the future of healthcare supply chain integrates all project data—from freight, ERP systems, CMMS and more—into a single software.  Join Attainia in envisioning the integrated and efficient future of healthcare supply chain.
View the PowerPoint presentation here.
Chastain 2
Utilizing Comprehensive and Cost-efficient Solutions and Building Intelligence to Optimize Operational Functionality and Capital Investments
From clinical delivery to physical plant, logistics to revenue capture, to effectively operationalize facilities and achieve value is complex. Many factors impact organizational or facility performance, and challenges and bottlenecks emerge within every department.  Traditional facility optimization programs start with just replacing structures or renovating, with very little data to actually support it.  Rarely are operational or clinical inefficiencies or low-cost/no-cost strategies considered to help organizations justify improvements, make needed upgrades or drive savings to your bottom line.
Join us as we discuss how combining clinical-protocols, advanced analytics and building intelligence can result in better, data-driven decisions that lower organizational risk and inform efficient and cost effective design.
Learning Objectives:
  1. How correcting root causes of immediate problems can “right size” the facility footprint and lower organizational cost.
  2. How creating more predictable operations cost management can impact short and long-term performance.
  3. How developing a financial model that focuses on reducing your existing costs often results in a budget neutral program. 
Chastain GH
Improving Surgical Outcomes Through Design and Analysis
New regulations make facilities take a closer look at Surgical Site Infections.  There are multiple areas that continuously need attention, from the ASHRAE standard to behavior via the surgical staff.  Equipment plays an important role within the operating room and the methods for delivering clean air or breaking surgical stall habits need to change in the near future.  Join Skytron and learn how the design of Operating Rooms will look different in the years to come.