Inspiring Others
Composer, Pianist and Educator
Inspiring others is a gift that can enrich the lives of everyone to whom you are connected. Grammy-Nominated Performer, Freddie Ravel inspired the ACE Summit audience with his ‘Keynote Concert’ as he engaged with the Four Foundations of music – Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and SCORE. Freddie left the ACE Summit audience inspired, ready to overcome obstacles, with a better understanding on how to connect with others and a new understanding of the power of song to increase productivity. 
Bridging his distinguished career from music icons to the visionary business leaders of our time, Rhythm of Success founder Freddie Ravel has emerged as a global force for transforming personal and professional growth through the performance, science and communicative powers of music.  Utterly captivated by music since age five, the award-winning composer, pianist and educator began performing worldwide with Brazilian master Sergio Mendes by the age of 23. Shortly thereafter, Universal Music released his three chart-topping solo albums, including the #1 hit in America, Sunny Side Up.