Lunch N Learns

Lunch N Learns are in-depth educational forums offering the opportunity for discussion of current issues impacting the architecture, capital equipment, and engineering sectors of the healthcare industry.  These invitation-only sessions provide honest and open dialogue about strategies, problem-solving, and informed decision making in the changing atmosphere of healthcare. Lunch is provided.
The 2019 Lunch N Learn hosts are listed below.  For information about hosting a Lunch N Learn at the 2020 ACE Summit,
please contact Trey Beuttel at 859.523.5701.
2019 ACE Summit Lunch N Learn Hosts

Budgeting: Speed Bumps to Project Success

Augusta H

Today, healthcare capital budgeting practice often relies on conventional processes. Top-down budgeting is blind to the intricate details associated with healthcare projects. However, bottoms-up budgeting is not only more accurate, but also allows pathways for better data management and clear visibility. These well-defined budgeting assumptions seamlessly translate everything from budgeting through design development, procurement, transitional planning, and post occupancy. Join Attainia for a conversation to cultivate processes that lead to project success.

Accelerated Construction Procurement for Healthcare

Augusta 1

Join your peers for an interactive focus group exploring improved processes to procure construction services through efficiency, cost control, and transparency. We will dive deep into the benefits of collaboration in repair, maintenance, and in new construction projects. We invite you to share input on your construction procurement challenges such as:

•             How do you prioritize your construction projects?

•             What is the main efficiency issue/challenge your organization is facing?

•             What project delivery methods do you currently use? Pros/cons?

•             What factors are critical to project success?

Do You Really Need an Emergency Department That Size or That Many Operating Rooms?

Augusta A

Never before has it been more important for organizations to
optimize assets, facility performance, or justify improvements and capital expenditures. Join us as we present a case study on how FreemanWhite/Catalyst combined clinical-protocols and advanced computational analytics and building intelligence to reduce operational and construction cost by over $40M and improve annual revenue opportunities by over $122M.

Emergency Power Systems: Design for Maintainability and Maintain for Reliability 

Augusta 2

There are codes that healthcare facilities are required to follow regarding routine maintenance and testing for emergency power systems. To make this easier, it is important to design a system with maintenance in mind. This seminar will walk you through various design ideas and methods for serviceability and maintenance best practices.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the components that make up an emergency standby system and associated accessories.

    Identify codes that drive design and testing of emergency standby systems for healthcare.

    Discuss operation and maintenance per NFPA 110.

    Increase awareness of options available to be built into power systems product to simplify testing procedures. 

Tomorrow’s OR:  Creating a Surgical Environment that Delivers Safety, Functionality, and Flexibility…By Design

Augusta C

The critical elements of effective OR design include MEP support, durable yet flexible surfaces, and environmental control systems.  Complex procedures and ever-changing surgical innovations will continue to test the way rooms are designed and adapted for the future.  The continued need to drive cost out of installation/renovations and improve room efficiency/throughput will challenge traditional methods, materials, and system controls.  Join us for a conversation that will explore the solutions clinical thought leaders are embracing for future designs that are available for current clinical settings.   Discover solutions to make the next generation OR more efficient to build and more adaptive, providing more effective infection prevention practices and metric driven process improvements…by Design.

For more information about hosting a Lunch N Learn at the 2020 ACE Summit,
please contact Trey Beuttel at 859.523.5701.