Design Track                      
Healthcare design is changing rapidly.  Evolving patient needs and populations, a better understanding of the physical environment’s influence on healing, and the migration of care throughout the care spectrum are among the factors driving the changes in design.  The sessions in the Design Track will provide a forum for collaboration and communication among healthcare facility decision makers and architecture, design, and construction management professionals.  Gain new perspectives on ways to maximize every dollar; optimize space, place, practice, and process; and enhance safety, delivery of care, and what the patient experiences. Topics covered will include emerging design trends, a review of federal regulations, designing for disaster, methods of addressing the increase in outpatient care, and opportunities for the redesign of retail space in the heart of local communities. This track is designed for senior healthcare executives who have operational responsibility for healthcare facility architecture, design and construction, and the professionals in the architectural, design and construction fields targeting the healthcare industry.
 A complete listing of the sessions in the 2018 ACE Design track is below.