Build Track                 
From hospitals to outpatient clinics to medical office buildings, the construction and/or renovation of healthcare buildings is essential to improving care of patients.  Designing and building healthcare facilities requires attention to the needs of doctors and patients, to the importance of maintaining a healing environment, and, of course, to cost.  In addition, careful thought must be given to the long-term efficiency of every inch of space.  This has always been a challenge, but in an environment that is shifting toward providing patients increased opportunities to receive care remotely, administrators are looking for new and creative spaces that will meet the needs of millennials and beyond.  Issues discussed in this track will include building information modeling, a look at the impact that the increase in home health care will have on healthcare facilities, and innovative constructing contracting formats.  These sessions will address topics pertinent to healthcare and design executives with responsibility for long-term planning and construction. 
A listing of the sessions in the 2018 ACE Build Track is below.