Bluegrass Business Media (BBM) owns unique event platforms designed to effectively impact the industries we serve.  Two of these events are the ACE and IDN Summits serving the healthcare industry.


February 17-19 , 2020
Westin Peachtree Plaza
Atlanta, GA

The ACE Summit and Reverse Expo provides leading healthcare systems, hospitals, and GPOs a unique opportunity to interact with suppliers of architecture, construction, capital equipment and facilities products and services in a neutral and open environment.  
September 9-11, 2019

JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa
Phoenix, AZ

The IDN Summit provides leading IDNs an efficient venue to interact with their GPO and supplier partners.   This unique forum allows senior IDN supply chain executives to network with and engage their peers on issues that challenge today's healthcare systems.


The Reverse Expo

Both the ACE and IDN Summits utilize a Reverse Expo format, which provides unrivaled networking opportunities for attending suppliers and GPOs to cultivate partnerships with leading IDNs and healthcare systems.  Unlike a traditional trade show, the ACE and IDN Summits feature healthcare purchase-decision makers staffing booths hosting their GPO and supplier counterparts, providing a unique opportunity for all parties to effectively and efficiently use their time and resources.  IDN and Health System senior purchasing executives save valuable time and resources normally associated with sourcing new vendors by networking with suppliers in the neutral, open environment of the Summits.

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Company Directory:

Trey Beuttel | Senior Director, Event Management | 859.523.5701
Directs marketing and the event experience.
Connect with me on LinkedIn -- Trey Beuttel on LinkedIn
Robert Chafin | Senior Director, Client Relations | 859.523.5701
Develops business opportunities for healthcare suppliers.
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John Kelly | CEO | 859.523.5701
Customer experience and corporate culture.
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Josh Morita | Senior Director, Business Development | 859.523.5701

Develops business opportunities for healthcare suppliers.

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Chris Nolan | CFO | 859.523.5701

Responsible for finance, accounting, and operational issues.




Lisa Ponssa | Executive Vice President | 859.309.6725

Responsible for healthcare executives' experience.

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Ellie Wnek | Marketing Events Coordinator859.523.5701

Responsible for marketing.

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