Financial Operations Track
Focusing on the fiscal health of your organization while meeting the demands for superior patient care remains a challenge. With new financial models, changes in the way payments are being made, and stringent goals for reducing expenditures, financial decision-makers face numerous critical decisions every day. Designed to target executives with direct responsibilities for financial management, contract negotiation and product pricing decisions, the sessions in this track will help you develop financial strategies for implementing inventory management trends, improving supply chain efficiency, and collaboration strategies for minimizing errors.
Monday, September 9, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Grand Canyon 7

Moderator: Bruce Carlson, Health Care Resource, Supply Chain, Material Management, and Interim Staffing, R.B. Carlson and Associates, LLC 

Presenters: Burdette Brown, Director of Supply Operations, Northfield Hospital and Clinics and Dennis Mullins, SVP, Supply Chain Operations, Indiana University Health 

As IDNs continue to grow exponentially, their inventory management initiatives need to keep up with the challenges this growth presents. This session will discuss recent inventory management trends such as: cloud-based inventory management platforms, improved data and analytics tools, new contracting models, changing reimbursement landscape, new healthcare paradigms such as population health management, increased pressures from cyber security threats and of course the constant demand of improving margins and cutting waste.   

Learning Objectives:  

1) Analyze recent initiatives in inventory management that are improving bottom-line performance of the healthcare supply chain. 

2) Compare inventory management trends to ensure you are focused on the ones that are most imperative for your IDN. 

3) Prepare the strategies to optimize your inventory management programs to ensure the efficiency and security of your supply chain. 


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Bruce Carlson
Health Care Resource, Supply Chain and Interim Staffing
R.B. Carlson and Associates, LLC
Burdette Brown
Director of Supply Chain Management
Northfield Hospital & Clinics
Dennis Mullins 
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operations
Indiana University Health 
Monday, September 9, 2019
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Grand Canyon 7

Moderator: Frank Cirillo, VP, Strategic Initiatives and Supplier Diversity, Acurity, Inc. 

Presenters: Bruce Mairose, Vice Chair, Operations, Supply Chain Management, Mayo Clinic and Donna Van Vlerah, SVP Supply & Support Services, Parkview Health 

The healthcare supply chain is far more complex than just the purchasing and transferring of products and services. Having the ability to manage multiple resources that are integrated throughout the IDN demands that your supply chain organization change, adapt and innovate to keep up with the new challenges of healthcare delivery. Supply chains are increasingly complex, and any vulnerability put patients and IDNs at risk. Learn some of the new initiatives supply chain organization are involved in and how these initiatives are making an impact in their IDN in organization growth, enhanced transparency, patient care and supply chain security. Initiatives such as how Parkview Health has implemented a total ‘Logistics Management’
system. Parkview recognizes that logistics is the integration and implementation of complex operating systems and deployment of resources in order to fulfill the end customers’ requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.

Learning Objectives:  

1) Evaluate recent strategic initiatives that are driving the expansion of responsibilities of the healthcare supply chain. 

2) Prepare for any pitfalls that may await you as you take advantage of opportunities to expand your supply chain. 

3) Outline plans to communicate effectively to C-suite and others impacted in your organization on the expanding role of your supply chain. 


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Frank Cirillo
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Supplier Diversity
Donna Van Vlerah
SVP, Support Divsion
Parkview Health
Bruce Mairose
Vice Chair Operations, Supply Chain
Mayo Clinic
Monday, September 9, 2019
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Grand Canyon 7

Moderator: Nancy Wobig, Senior Director, Category Management, Mayo Clinic/ Captis

Panelists: Sara Henderson, VP, Supply Chain, Avera Health; Ramesh Krish, VP, Supply Chain Management, Prime Healthcare; and Jean-Marc Villain, Director of Supply Diversity, Medical University of South Carolina

Accountability is critical within the supply chain or else careless, potentially harmful mistakes can be made. Let’s face it suppliers have an immense amount of pressure to perform or costly and sometime deadly mistakes can occur. The vast majority of time supplier performance is flawless but supply chain movement is not always a smooth flowing chain of events; problems do arise. A collaboration must exist between the healthcare supply chain of an IDN and their suppliers to avoid mistakes such as back orders, incorrect product placement, cyber threats, drug shortages, etc. Having one, succinct vision can help eliminate mistakes and expunge miscommunication errors. In this session, you will learn how to minimize your supplier issues with improved collaboration, contracting methods, and communication. 

Learning Objectives:  

1) Detect vulnerabilities in your healthcare supply chain. 

2) Analyze how collaboration and accountability can work for all parties to improve the supply chain of any IDN. 

3) Formulate a clear communications strategy to ensure all parties in your supply chain understand their responsibilities.  


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Nancy Wobig
Senior Director, Category Management
Mayo Clinic/ Captis
Ramesh Krish
Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Prime Healthcare
Sara Henderson
VP, Supply Chain
Avera Health
Jean-Marc Villain
Director of Supply Divesity
Medical University of South Carolina