2019 Fall IDN Summit Keynotes

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Luke Williams
Professor, NYU Stern School of Business; Founder and Executive Director of the NYU Innovation Lab; Fellow, at Frog Design; and International Best-Selling Author and Disruptor
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Disruptive Technologies: How to Prepare for What's Coming Next

As much as we might desire it, the future we face will not be predictable. We are living in a fast-changing and uncertain time and we are entering this new global order with a way of seeing and thinking better suited for a world now several centuries behind us. A world that could be explained in simpler terms, when you could expect and carefully plan for gradual shifts in the status quo.

But the scale of the challenges we face and the accelerating speed of innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Biotechnology demands a new way of opening minds to unconventional strategies. Winning organizations in the next decade will need to incorporate a steady stream of disruptive technologies to stay ahead of the game—technologies that will force them to rethink the habits that have made them successful in the past and challenge the conventional wisdom that has defined the competitive dynamics of their industry.

Listen to Dr.  Luke Williams on Tuesday, September 10 from 8:00 am - 9:15 am in the Grand Saguaro Ballroom.

Thought Leadership Panel

The delivery of US based healthcare is certainly changing but is it being transformed? These three executive leaders will discuss how they and their IDNs are transforming healthcare delivery in their markets and across the US. Learn how HonorHealth has developed a collaborative transformational process to find tomorrow’s innovations, today, for patients throughout the world. Understand how Christiana Care is using population health initiatives to move to a value-based care system. Discover how WellSpan develops implementation strategies for emerging standards of care. These topics and many others will be discussed to help you transform your IDN. 

Learning Objectives:  

1) Describe the unique challenges of leading transformation at a US based IDN.  

2) Identify the challenges to transformation of US healthcare.   

3) Outline opportunities to transform an IDNs healthcare delivery.  

Vincent Boles
Major General (Ret.)
U.S. Army
Edmondo Robinson, MD, MBA, FACP
Chief Transformation Officer and SVP, Consumerism 
Christiana Care Health System
Robert Rice, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Oncology Service Line 
WellSpan Health
Mark Slater, PhD
VP, Research and Chief Executive, Research Institute
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Listen to the Thought Leadership Panel Tuesday, September 10 from 9:30 am - 10:45 am in the Grand Saguaro Ballroom.

Inspirational Keynote

Erin Gruwell
Educator and Founder
Freedom Writers Foundation
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Twenty years ago, Freedom Writers Diary was released telling the inspiring story of Erin Gruwell and her Freedom Writer students. These powerful stories portray the lives of kids who were changed because of the efforts of Erin. Countless lives have continued being impacted and to celebrate these efforts PBS is releasing Freedom Writers: Stories from the Heart and a 20th anniversary edition of The Freedom Writers Diary will be published.

Here’s the story if you are unfamiliar: Erin Gruwell found herself the teacher for a troubled group of students who had been dubbed “unteachable.” This is the tale of how this first-year teacher encouraged these wayward inner-city kids to redirect their lives and forego rampant drugs and the violence that pervaded their neighborhoods. From the stark reality of one seemingly innocuous event
in the classroom, she sparked a chord in the students that led the class to name themselves the “Freedom Writers.” Over the course of a few months, Erin empowered the class to rechart their future and go on to become college students, published writers and citizens for change. During the IDN Summit Inspirational Keynote, Erin will parlay her story and share her thoughts on how you can improve your performance and productivity by asking “what can I do to make a difference?”

Listen to Erin Gruwell Tuesday, September 10 from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm in the Grand Saguaro Ballroom.