Senior Executives Forum

Held on the last morning of the IDN Summit, this invitation-only event provides Senior Level Supply Chain Executives a forum to discuss pertinent issues and share collaborative ideas and best practices.   
If you are interested in participating in the Fall 2019 Senior Executives Forum, please contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725.
2019 Spring IDN Summit Senior Executives Forum Agenda

7:00 am – 7:30 am Breakfast


7:30 am – 9:45 am First round of Introductions and Discussion of Opportunities

This is the ultimate in learning from your peers. We surveyed each executive attending the Senior Executives Forum for at least one Opportunity your organization was doing that you would want to share with your peers. During this time, we’ll examine those Opportunities to discover best practices that can be shared and scrutinized to move each organization to the proverbial next level.


Learning Objectives:

1) Learn best practices that can be applied to your organization.

2) Discover new approaches to issues that have been successful at other organizations.

3) Identify ways you can assist others with their challenges.


10:00 am – 11:00 am Transitioning to a Strategic Supply Chain at Penn State Health

Presenter: Richard Bagley, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Penn State Health


Facing the many myriad of challenges that most healthcare organizations are facing today Penn State Health decided they needed to transition to a strategic supply chain organization from a traditional material management buying philosophy. This required significant investment by senior management, a well-thought out plan and buy-in from the entire organization.


Hear from Richard Bagley as he discusses the challenges and successes Penn State Health has experienced on this journey. Richard will share how he had to develop a new language around trust and value to engage all impacted parties to be successful. His organization had to examine what roles customers and suppliers should have in the transformation and how they could better align with each to improve organizational success. The journey hasn’t been easy but it’s one that many of us are facing and this session is designed to share Richard’s successes and let others share their thoughts on their own transformation process.


Learning Objectives:

1) Discover the challenges Penn State Health faced as they transitioned from a traditional materials management organization to a strategic supply chain organization.

2) Discuss new delivery models that optimize the organizations ability to deliver healthcare to their market.

3) Identify ways you can transition your supply chain from a traditional material management model to a more strategic model better equipped to deal with the challenges of delivering healthcare to a changing demographic, more challenging revenue model sources and consolidating marketplace.


11:00 am – 11:45 am Discovering Opportunities 

Join Mike Langlois and Brent Johnson as they wrap up the mornings activities and summarize the learnings from the morning.



Contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725 with any questions.