Focus Groups

2019 Spring IDN Summit Focus Groups are listed below.
Gather with your peers in this small-group research setting as you share observations and insights on some of the issues having the greatest impact in the healthcare supply chain. Many sessions are repeated this year providing you more opportunities to share your opinions with the Focus Group hosts.  Each of the Focus Groups is limited in size, with breakfast being served in both sessions.
New Times: 8:00 am - 9:15 am | 9:30 am - 10:45 am
For more information on 2019 Fall IDN Summit Focus Group opportunites, contact Robert Chafin or Josh Morita at 859.523.5701
St. Andrews B

Improving Surgical Outcomes with Principles of ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery)

Abbott Nutrition invites you to join an interactive discussion on ERAS, multimodal perioperative care pathways designed to achieve early recovery after surgical procedures by maintaining preoperative organ function and reducing the profound stress response following surgery.  A key element of ERAS protocols includes optimization of nutrition.  Join us for a discussion on how nutrition intervention can be championed and implemented into your facility’s practice.

Royal Melbourne B

Simplifying the Contracting Process


We are seeking input on how BD structures contracts with IDNs in order to simplify our approach. In this Focus Group, you will provide input on a proposed structure and validate if it indeed simplifies both the contracting process and resulting documents.

Royal Dublin A

8:00 AM Session: Measure. Score. Act. - Utilizing Comparative Analytics to Better Manage Non-Labor Expenses

As a healthcare executive, you’re on a mission to control spend and provide quality care within your organization. BroadJump has developed a comprehensive expense management solution, providing a centralized view of spend analytics for your entire facility or system to easily identify areas in need of improvement. This focus group will explore how your organization utilizes data and analytics to control expense, improve utilization and positively impact quality of care delivery.

9:30 AM Session: Why Algorithms Matter: Lowering Costs by Applying Smart-Analytics to the Sourcing Process

Lack of transparency and price variation can prevent your healthcare organization’s supply chain from maximizing savings. BroadJump has created an expense management application to analyze medical-surgical expense across a comprehensive database of facilities to easily identify actionable savings opportunities and negotiate with suppliers. In this focus group, we will examine the struggles faced by your supply chain when it comes to controlling costs, and how you utilize comparative analytics to achieve cost savings.

Royal Melbourne A

Value of Supply Chain in Enterprise Analytics

Healthcare IQ’s focus group seeks insights into the importance of leveraging analytics to drive cost savings and decision-making within the clinical space. Discuss new technologies that allow for quick access to metrics, such as supply cost per case, as well as the clinical drivers that help drive standardization and optimization. Provide feedback on Healthcare IQ’s Analytics Continuum and how, with the supply chain as the foundation, it can assist with optimization and innovation.

St. Andrews A

Integrating Supply Chain Across the Non-acute Care Continuum.

As healthcare moves towards more non-acute care, what is your health system’s supply chain strategy across the non-acute care continuum? Join other health system thought leaders for a focus group on how to design, build and measure a high performing non-acute supply chain strategy. This interactive Forum allows you to network, exchange ideas and gain insights on how to navigate through the current and future challenges of managing a supply chain that extends across the non-acute care continuum – from the physician’s practice to the patient’s home. Exploring 10 components of a successful strategy, the shared insights and peer exchange from this Forum will help shape an innovative supply chain performance assessment platform.

Royal Dublin B

8:00 AM Session : Maximizing Operational Efficiency in the OR & Endoscopy Suite with an Uptime Service Partnership

Providers are being asked to provide the best possible clinical outcomes and patient experience at the lowest possible price—Value-Based Care.  Operational efficiency is at the core of “value,” especially in busy ORs and endoscopy suites, but to have operational efficiency you need to be operating, not waiting. Olympus Service recognizes the critical role of uptime in enabling providers to reduce costs and deliver a high quality, positive patient and clinician experience. Olympus invites you to join this session to explore innovative uptime concepts and share your perspectives and insights on maximizing uptime in your facilities.

9:30 AM Session: Keeping Pace with PPI Innovation: Realizing the Full Value of Negotiated Contracts

When you’re challenged with reimbursement cuts and transitioning to new payment models, keeping pace with PPI innovation to improve patient care and enhance the patient experience can be challenging. Olympus strives to continuously develop technologies that address the Triple Aim goals, and in this interactive session you will have a chance to share your perspectives and insights on strategies for keeping pace with PPI innovation and best practices to effectively implement PPI contracts.


Glen Eagles Boardroom

Moving Toward a 100% PVC Free, Healing Environment

How aware are clinicians and support staff about the harmful effects of PVC Phthalates & DEHP exposure? How can we help make them more aware? How committed are hospitals to eliminating toxic chemical exposure from patients and staff? What healthier hospital type initiatives do they currently have in place? Will these initiatives expand in their respective institutions? How can we help them expedite this process? How important is 100% made in the U.S. and minority ownership?What steps, call points and messaging do we need to address to get evaluations started on our products?

For more information on 2019 Fall IDN Summit Focus Groups opportunities, contact Robert Chafin or Josh Morita at 859.523.5701