Focus Groups

2018 Fall IDN Summit Focus Groups are listed below.
Focus Groups offer providers a small-group research setting in which to share observations and insights on issues having the greatest impact in the healthcare supply chain.  These invitation-only groups give host companies the opportunity to welcome IDN executive's opinion on industry trends, business priorities and more.  Focus Groups are for providers only and each is limited to 10 attendees.  
For more information on Spring 2019 Focus Group opportunites, contact Trey BeuttelRobert Chafin, or Josh Morita at 859.523.5701.
Grand Canyon 5

Managing for the Mission: How Comparative Analytics Leads to Improved Clinical Utilization and Care

BroadJump has developed a comprehensive expense management solution along with a suite of applications that help providers achieve two goals: Manage their costs on-demand and work with clinicians to pinpoint best practices and reduce variance in supply costs. This focus group will elicit your insights into how you, the healthcare executive, utilize data and analytics to drive utilization improvements and control expense.

Grand Canyon 3

Aligning a Supply Chain Foundation Through the Clinical Episode

Healthcare IQ invites you to discuss the importance of leveraging analytics to drive savings and decision-making throughout the patient experience. Participate in the introduction of new technologies (machine learning & artificial intelligence) and learn to create a foundation of spend analytics through the clinical experience, determining actual cost to reimbursement. View HCIQ graphics – the visual language of data – delivering visibility to multiple points of influence and identifying key drivers/opportunities for improvement.

Grand Canyon 2

Provider-Supplier Partnerships: Exploring Risk-Sharing in Procurement

As the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care intensifies, providers’ financial, clinical and operational risk has significantly increased.  While the relationship between suppliers and providers is still focused on efficiently delivering the best patient outcomes at an acceptable cost of care via the highest quality products and services, risk-sharing models place a new focus on moving beyond the purely transactional to true partnership. Both providers and suppliers have an important role to play and risk-sharing arrangements offer a way to bridge the gap in perceived product and service value. Please join Olympus in this interactive session to explore your perspective on the significance of risk-sharing in your organization, what you need from a supplier-partner and how such an arrangement could work for you.


Grand Canyon 1

Post-Acute Ordering: Is There A Reason Why We Are Still Using A Fax Machine?

Did you know 15% of patients don't receive the services and equipment they need after discharge?  Join us to "look under the hood" of post-acute ordering; what challenges do you face and what antiquated technologies still exist within your processes? Discuss what opportunities you may have in regards to discharge planning and post-acute care.  Discuss the financial and patient impact from optimizing discharge planning and post-acute care. Are you sure you don't have a fax machine, and are you aware of the cost savings when you eliminate it?

Grand Canyon 11

503B Outsourcing and Health System Contracting

Join PharMEDium and AmerisourceBergen to explore the evolving 503B regulations and the resulting impact on Health Systems. Share your insights on the key drivers that influence the decision-making process when evaluating a 503B outsourcing partner and also when contracting with a wholesaler/distribution partner. Discuss opportunities to enhance and streamline the contracting experience.

Grand Canyon 4

Designing A Non-bundled Business Offering That Delivers Commitment and Guaranteed Savings

TELA Bio is a surgical reconstructive company committed to providing innovative solutions to clinically advance soft tissue repair/reconstruction for hernia and breast via collaborative business models that deliver realized savings.   We believe that we have successfully created three of four parts of the formula necessary to unbundle this market segment.  The final and critical fourth part of the formula is strategic alignment with sourcing and supply chain decision markers.  We are seeking candid feedback and guidance from focus group attendees to assist us with offering a model that provides surgeon choice and guaranteed savings.

For more information on Spring 2019 Focus Groups opportunities, contact Trey BeuttelRobert Chafin, or Josh Morita at 859.523.5701.