2019 Spring Wednesday Morning Educational Offerings

The final morning of the 2019 Spring IDN Summit addressed issues that are facing the healthcare industry. Attendees had the ability to discuss opportunities and pain points in the Opportunity Exchanges or learn from Dr Gunter Wessels during his informative sessions.
*Contact Lisa Ponssa for more information about the 2019 Fall IDN Summit Wednesday Education.

Wednesday Morning Education

Gunter Wessels Ph.D., M.B.A.
Practice General Manager



Demonstrating Value in Today’s Integrated Healthcare Marketplace

8:30 AM - 9:50 AM

10:00 AM - 11:20 AM

International Ballroom III

Best practices in demonstrating value to IDNs and GPOs; Going beyond price to Relationship, Solutions, and Enterprise Agreements

As a participant in this session you will recognize, recall, evaluate and apply:

  • Critical considerations in value from the provider’s perspective
  • The role of Value-analysis
  • The tangible value of IDN representation
  • The essential elements of solution making with an IDN
  • The value of market-share, change management, support, and contract manageme
  • Summary recommendations

Best practices in demonstrating the value of IDN, Strategic, and National Accounts effort; Quantifying the impact of your efforts in your company

As a participant in this session you will recognize, recall, evaluate, and apply best practices in:

  • How deal value is calculated and how to quantify your impact
  • How customer lifetime value is calculated and how to demonstrated your impact
  • How GPO contract value is calculated and how to show a return on CAF
  • How to select and position contract extensions and revisions from an economic value perspective
  • How to quantify the efficiency and effectiveness gained by the broader salesforce when a contract is awarded
  • Summary recommendations
Opportunity Exchanges