Attending IDNs

Reverse Expo Exhibitors
The IDN Summit's Reverse Expo provides leading IDNs an efficient venue to interact with their GPO and supplier partners. This unique forum allows senior IDN supply chain executives to network with and engage their peers on issues that challenge today's healthcare systems. IDN and Health System senior purchasing executives save valuable time and resources normally associated with sourcing new vendors by networking with suppliers in the neutral, open environment of the Reverse Expo.
Contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725 for more information about registering for the 2019 Fall IDN Summit.
Below is a listing of the IDNs that attended the 2019 Spring IDN Summit.  
These systems represented1,959 acute care facilities, 24,453 alternate care facilities, and 294,346 beds
Contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725 for more information.