Effective Communication to Cultivate Change
Wednesday, April 18
8:45 am -- 11:30 am
Lisa Williams, ACC
Leadership Coach + Consultant
Lisa Williams Coaching + Consulting
Have you tried to influence change, close a deal or motivate a team and felt like you couldn't get through to anyone? Do you leave a meeting with the belief that everyone is on the same page but later learn they left the meeting with a different message? Do you find, too often, that you're wondering what the other person is thinking? Well, it may not be them...it may be you. 
Effective communication is the most important factor in producing better close rates, gaining buy-in on change initiatives, fostering a highly engaged team, influencing and leading others, and much more. And, in order to effectively communicate, you must have clear insights on how your personality styles impact others and how you have to change your approach to be well-received by others.  This interactive workshop will enhance your ability to effectively communicate by examining your personality style and the style of others, exploring how different personality styles respond to change, pressure, influence, etc., and identify ways to modify communication for greater results.  
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:  
1. Explain the four primary personality styles based on DiSC.
2. Assess their own communications style.
3. Discuss how the four personality styles perceive communication.
4. Identify ways to change your communication style to influence others.