Fall 2018 IDN Summit Keynote Speakers
Biltmore’s Approach to Cultivating Change
Every change, big or small, begins as an idea – a vision of what could be.  Change is the process of transforming that idea into reality.  It seems simple enough, but successful and sustained change is incredibly difficult.  Studies conducted over the last three decades come to the same conclusion year after year: roughly 70% of transformational change initiatives fail.  

Cultivating Change shifts the organization’s approach from simply enduring change to leading it.  Through Biltmore’s experience with change over the last 120 years, as well as research and insight on change initiatives across industries, this keynote will focus on the obstacles that prevent change for finding cultural traction, as well as change accelerators that bring the vision to reality.
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Host:  Major General US (Ret.) Vincent "Vinny" E. Boles 
For many attendees, the Thought Leadership Panel on Tuesday morning is a highlight of the IDN Summit. For years Chuck Lauer led these discussions, asking healthcare leaders the tough questions and sharing his insight.  We could think of no better person than General (Ret.) Vinny Boles to take over the leadership of the Thought Leadership Panel. A supply chain expert and a respected leader, General Boles will inspire you and ask the tough questions you want answered from the panelists selected to appear this year at the Spring and Fall IDN Summits.  
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Thought Leadership Panelists
Jean Abraham Ph.D.
University of Minnesota
Wegmiller Professor

Nancy P Hanrahan PHD, RN, FAAN
Executive Director and Associate Dean of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Bouve' Health Science College
Northeastern University

Morgan Swink
West Endowed Chair of Supply Chain Management
Texas Christian University

Jerry Linenger
United States Navy Flight Surgeon and NASA Astronaut (Ret.)
Successful organizational and personal change requires you to confront challenges and not give in to the seemingly easier path of the status quo.  Jerry Linenger will share his experiences as an Astronaut on what has been reported to be one of the most dangerous and dramatic missions in space history.  Learn how he fought through a number of challenges and became the first American to partner with a past enemy to complete a joint spacewalk. Countless hours of training prepared him to complete two thousand earth orbits and log over fifty million space miles, all in a foreign country's spacecraft.
Imagine being aboard an out-of-control spacecraft that is on fire and tumbling through the darkness.  Jerry Linenger lived through this experience and will encourage you to rise to the occasion, confront challenges and put your life into perspective. 
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