Supplier Strategies Track
Sweeping changes in healthcare have changed the way IDNs do business in almost every area, including how they source and purchase supplies in this new landscape.  The demand for quality-driven healthcare outcomes requires providers to more effectively demonstrate value in every purchasing decision.   As a result, suppliers must demonstrate their willingness to be partners in this effort.  Sessions in this track were designed to help you gain a better understanding of what today’s IDNs are looking for from their suppliers.  Much of the discussion focused on collaborative partnerships and insights concerning the provider sourcing process.
9:00 am – 9:15 am        Supplier Welcome Event
                                            International Ballroom II
                                             Enjoy bagels, fruit and coffee as you are welcomed to the Spring IDN Summit.
9:15 am – 10:15 am      Transforming Contracting Engagement
                                             International Ballroom II
                                             Moderator: Ed Kuklenski, Principal, Co-Founder, Insurance Point
                                             Presenter:  Randy Piper, Vice President Non-Acute, Custom and Alliances Contracting, Intalere
In 2016, the Intalere Contracting Team began a transformation initiative, in collaboration with Intermountain Healthcare resources, to enhance the group purchasing production engine and better align with stakeholders, including suppliers and members.  This session will discuss what has been the focus of this transformation and the impact that it has had on the supply chain services model.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss methods to align strategies to leverage the strengths and goals of your organization in order to maximize benefits.
  2. Create an action plan to develop a communication and integration model that is flexible, focused on strategy and tactics, but also leaves room for innovation.
  3. Identify the steps needed in order to implementing a scalable operations model that will support the future of supply chain services.
10:30 am – 11:30 am    Driving Commitment Beyond A Traditional GPO Model
                                             International Ballroom II
                                             Moderator: Ed KuklenskiPrincipal, Co-FounderInsurance Point
                                             Presenters: Greg Firestone, VP, Provider Solutions, ROi; Josh Sandler, Vice President, ROi; Angela Miller, Director - Med Surgical
                                                                     Contracting, ROi; Chris Little, Clinical Category Director, ROi and Jared Winchester, Senior Category Manager, ROi
ROi executives, sourcing team members and key customers will share insights into the expectations of ROi suppliers, and the benefits that ROi suppliers can achieve through a strategic and committed contractual relationship with ROi and our Members.
Learning Objectives:
          1.  Analyze the components of an integrated supply chain.
          2.  Outline methods of driving clinical, operational and financial improvements through new supply chain models.
          3.  Evaluate strategies of reform that increase efficiencies and streamline processes.
11:45 am – 12:45 pm    The Power of the Collective: Tapping Into A Collaborative Culture
                                             International Ballroom II
                                             Moderators: Dave Finley, VP, Strategic Supplier Engagement, Premier, Inc.; and Laura Berberian, VP, Corporate Accounts,
                                                                      Adventist Health System
                                             Panelists:  Debora Alessi, MBA, C.P.M., Director, Contracting, Surgical and Nursing, Committed Contracting Group (CCG); Ron Brady, VP,
                                                                   Account Management, Committed Contracting Group (CCG); Michael Maguire, VP, Strategic Sourcing, Premier, Inc.; and 
                                                                   Frank Searl, Director, Performance Groups, Premier, Inc.
Premier has always thrived on its collaborative approach. It fuels for our growth and sparks how we continue to deliver value to our members.  Join us as we discuss the role collaboration plays between Premier and its members in our routine interactions, compliance enforcement and responsiveness to various contracting appetites.
Learning Objectives:
          1.  Identify the components that make up performance groups and physician-led cohorts.
          2.  Analyze methods of maintaining support of self-contracting efforts.
          3.  Discuss the expectations and best practices for collaborative relationships.
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm        Optimizing the Value of Your GPO Relationship Through Scale, Scope and Innovation
                                             International Ballroom II
                                             Moderator: Ed KuklenskiPrincipal, Co-FounderInsurance Point
                                             Presenter:  Chris McDown, Senior Vice President, Sourcing Operations, Vizient, Inc. 
Vizient's expanded scale and breadth and depth of offerings are enhancing how we work with members to help them solve health care's most pressing challenges.  Vizient executives will share how our enhanced capabilities translate into expanded connection points for suppliers and new opportunities to transform transactional relationships into strategic partnerships.  Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to connect directly with Vizient sourcing leaders in the various contracting disciplines.
Learning Objectives:            
  1. Identify three challenges facing supply chain executives.
  2. Discuss opportunities for suppliers to develop innovative strategies to handle market changes.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of methods to drive value through shared ownership models.
2:30 pm – 3:45 pm        The Decision-Making Process on Product/Service Selection
                                            International Ballroom II
                                             Moderator: Michelle O'Connor, President and CEO, CMR Institute
                                             Presenters: L. David Harlow, III, BS, Pharm D., Assistant Vice President for Professional Services, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory and
                                                                    Disease Management, Martin Health System; George Hersch, Vice President, Materiel Management,  Norton Healthcare and
                                                                    Steve Patton, Interim AVP of Supply Operations, Medstar Washington Hospital Center (Vizient, Inc. Contractor)
Healthcare organizations face increasing challenges to reduce operational costs while improving the quality of patient care and services provided.  Supply chain leaders make decisions that impact a large portion of a hospital’s budget and ensure that the right products are delivered to the right locations at the right time and in the right quantity. Efficiently managing the healthcare supply chain is a difficult task and many factors go into each product and service selection.
Hear from a panel of providers as they share the decision-making process in their organizations.  Learn what providers are looking for from the supplier community and how suppliers can better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.  Panelists will outline expectations, relationship building techniques and share best practices from existing product service/sourcing partnerships. 
Learning Objectives:
  1.  Define the supply chain challenges facing hospitals and health systems.
  2.  Identify ways providers and suppliers can forge stronger partnerships.
  3.  Describe the key drivers influencing healthcare decision makers.
Listen to an audio recording of this session here.
4:00 pm – 5:15 pm        Panel:  Moving From Transactional to Collaborative Partnerships
                                             International Ballroom II
                                             Moderator: Maria Hames, Partner, Healthcare Links
                                             Panelist: Richard Bagley, Director of SCO Business Development, Intermountain Healthcare; Michael Louviere, System VP Supply Chain, 
                                                               Ochsner Health System; and James Oliver, CEO, Yankee Alliance
An understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare systems to better align product and service strategies is critical knowledge for today’s supplier to have.  Conversely, suppliers face their own unique challenges brought about by the changing healthcare landscape.  Just a few of these are new business processes, greater budget constraints and shifting client expectations.  Collaborative partnerships between suppliers and providers are gaining popularity as an effective and mutually beneficial method of increasing profitability, improving services and maintaining the best possible patient care.
This panel of experts will offer tactics for forming and nurturing these types of collaborative partnerships.  Panelists will share what is working for them in their systems and in their partnerships with suppliers.  From improvements in standardization to better analytics, such partnerships are increasing both in number and in scope.  They can pay dividends in a variety of ways, including product consistency, lower costs, improved inventory levels and reduced waste.  Find out how to make the move to more collaborative partnerships with the providers you serve.
Learning Objectives:
        1. Evaluate the challenges faced by IDNs and their impact on supplier relationships.
        2. Learn how collaborative partnerships can lead to high-performing commercial teams that drive increased revenue.
        3. Discover tactics you can implement immediately to reorganize your team’s priorities and account plans.
Listen to the audio recording of this session here.