8:00 am -- 9:15 am
Chris Maslin
Senior Director, 
Talent & Organizational Development
The Biltmore Company
Biltmore’s Approach to Cultivating Change
How does an historic attraction dedicated to the preservation of a culture and artifacts from more than a century ago stay relevant to today’s consumers? Through leading change with skill and precision,
calling upon lessons learned over the past 125 years, as well as innovative strategies and present-day research. 
Biltmore has faced many challenges over the decades – financial, environmental, and social – yet has thrived with an unyielding commitment to the mission that continues to drive the company forward. As a family-owned business, thoughtful, intentional change management has allowed Biltmore to transition successfully through each generation of leadership, and it is now operated by its fifth generation of leaders who continue to maintain Biltmore as a privately-owned, profitable, working estate. Change, whether significant or minute, is rarely easy, but organizations can persevere and find success through Biltmore’s time-tested approach to not just enduring change, but leading it.
Join Biltmore’s Senior Director of Talent & Organizational Development, Chris Maslin, as he leads you to:
1) better understand the psychology behind change,
2) hear and apply stories of Biltmore best practices in change management, and
3) gain practical tactics to create change momentum
9:30 am -- 10:30 am
Please welcome the new moderator of the IDN Summit Thought Leadership Panel, Major General US (Ret.) Vincent "Vinny" E. Boles.  General Boles is a supply chain expert and respected leader.  He will inspire you and will ask the tough questions you want answered from the panelists at the IDN Summit.
Major General US (Ret.) Vincent "Vinny" E. Boles 
Gen. Vincent Boles is a career Army officer with over 35 years of experience. Highlights include managing the nation’s $27 billion ammunition account, assuming command of the Army’s War Reserve equipment six weeks before the attacks of 9-11, and flexing into operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and other locations, as well as deployment to Kuwait in preparation for the invasion of Iraq with 142 personnel, growing to a force of 8,000 soldiers, civilians and contractors in 90 days. From Kuwait, the General was forward deployed into Iraq where he assumed command of the 16,000 personnel responsible for providing all logistical support and services to the 150,000 members of the coalition. Following redeployment from combat operations, Gen. Boles led the training of 120,000 soldiers before his final Army assignment, serving as the Army’s Chief Operating Officer for Logistics Operations, overseeing the logistics strategy for the 1.1 million soldier Army. Today, Gen. Boles is president of Vincent E. Boles Inc., a leadership and logistics consulting service.