Lunch N Learns are in-depth educational forums offering opportunity for discussion of current issues impacting the healthcare supply chain.  These provider-only sessions provided the chance for honest and open dialogue about strategies, problem solving and informed decision making in the changing atmosphere of the healthcare supply chain.  To learn more about Lunch N Learn opportunities for Spring 2018, please contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725.  
2017 Fall IDN Summit Lunch N Learns
Monday, August 28
11:00 am -- 12:45 pm
Grand Sonoran HI
Collaboration for TCO
Please join us for an open conversation about TCO (total cost of ownership). What does it take to work together to reduce TCO? Hear from industry leaders share their experience in working together to make better buying decisions for patients. We encourage you to bring your questions as we will reserve time for a question and answer period. Lunch will be provided.
Grand Sonoran CD
Automating the AP Process…Invoice and Payment
Reducing costs and boosting efficiency has never been more important. GHX helps you identify cost drivers and provides answers to those persistent challenges – order management, price alignment, up-to-date item master data, accurate trading partner information, compliance, contracting workflow, and automated invoice and payment solutions.  Today, timely and efficient processing of invoices and their payments ranks among healthcare’s largest pains. Progressive organizations have automated—or are in the process of automating—back office systems including invoicing and payments giving them the efficiencies they require to drive their business forward.
A combined focus on invoice and payment processing delivers a powerful solution to drive your strategic financial and operational goals. GHX helps you complete the procure-to-pay process with less paper and more rebate opportunities.  Join us at the IDN Summit to learn about strategies for automating back office systems and solutions for invoice and payment automation.
Grand Sonoran F
7 Deadly Pitfalls of Purchased Services Contracting
Purchased services typically represent up to 20%+ of a healthcare systems total annual expenditures. What separates a health system’s success from failure in creating a viable purchased services sourcing program is how often they fail to heed the 7 deadly pitfalls of purchased services contracting. During this interactive session, we will discuss best practices to understanding actionable data, attacking the categories, identifying low hanging fruit, as well as knowing when it’s safe to go it alone or use additional resources.
Grand Sonoran E
Leveraging 340B Pricing in a Central Fill Pharmacy Distribution Model
As health systems look for new ways to leverage economies of scale and minimize process variation, many networks are considering consolidation of medication management services into one central fill pharmacy distribution center. While the financial benefits are evident, there will be new challenges resulting from the transition.  One of the more complex topics is how to manage a 340B program in a model where inventory is consolidated offsite.  This educational dinner session will help attendees understand what they need to consider and recommend strategies for successful implementation.  Topics discussed will include ensuring HRSA compliance, purchasing and managing shared inventory, and financial attribution of savings.
Grand Sonoran G
Expand Your Universe With Savings Actualyzer – The Evolution of Supply Price Performance
Research conducted by Vizient shows that when working cost reduction initiatives, 54% of effort is spent investigating and prioritizing which opportunities to pursue and only 16% of time is invested towards validating results. Learn how the newest innovation in supply chain analytics solves this challenge for hospitals.
After this Lunch N Learn, you will be able to:
  • Understand the value of an integrated opportunity engine for supply chain performance improvement.
  • Articulate the value of a reliable and repeatable framework for pursuing supply cost reduction initiatives.
  • Hear examples of how Vizient Savings Actualyzer is helping health care organizations like yours find answers to business challenges.