Lunch N Learns are in-depth educational forums offering opportunity for discussion of current issues impacting the healthcare supply chain.  These provider-only sessions provided the chance for honest and open dialogue about strategies, problem solving and informed decision making in the changing atmosphere of the healthcare supply chain.  To learn more about Lunch N Learn opportunities for Spring 2018, please contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725.  
2018 Spring IDN Summit Lunch N Learns
Monday, April 16
11:00 am -- 12:45 pm
Congressional A & B
Cultivating Change | What does that look like?

Join us for a panel discussion, moderated by Joe Walsh, coach, educator, and advisor of Supply Chain Sherpas, to hear from key industry leaders, both suppliers and providers, on how they have created or experienced change in their environments. Changes from volume-based to value-based care, to the creation of value analysis teams, to making data driven decisions. Learn what has helped these leaders successfully implement change and what they feel will help continue to cultivate it in the future.  Lunch will be provided.
Olympic A & B
Modernizing Procurement with GHX Procure
GHX has been focused on advancing procurement innovation with a modernized, global user-friendly platform. Join us in learning more about our approach to procurement to help healthcare providers bring visibility and transparency into overall supply spend for increased accuracy, automation and cost savings. Participate in our interactive discussion on procurement obstacles and challenges. We will also provide more insight into GHX’s formulary driven requisitioning solution with dynamic workflow capabilities to automate PO generation, improve on-contract compliance, and reduce the need for manual intervention. We look forward to the conversation!
Augusta A & B
The Shift from Supply Chain Professional to Operational Driver. A Look at the Future of Supply Chain.
The responsibilities of today's supply chain professionals are more complex than ever. Not only are there more product and service categories to cover, but there is also consolidation of operations, including purchased services and facility management. Teams, hospitals and health systems are looking at ways to streamline their processes and find new ways to save money without compromising service and quality.
Join Premier for a discussion around the future of supply chain and best practices for aligning resources to drive consistency and efficiency. Discover how supply chain professionals can elevate themselves beyond the status quo to be trusted partners in not only driving down costs, but in improving quality, outcomes and operations. Learn about the clinically and e-Enabled supply chain and resources available to help your team prepare for this shift.
National Ballroom C
How Can 503B Support the Challenges with USP 797 Revisions?
Proposed revisions to USP 797 will soon be released. Join us for an informative session that can prepare you and your organization for the changes ahead! The session will deliver on the following learning objectives:
1.  Familiarize and garner an understanding of the FDA GMP requirements that 503B outsourcing facilities are required to follow 
2.  Differentiate between 503B GMP requirements and USP 797 requirements for compounding
3.  Address ways that 503B Outsourcing add value in the supply chain:
     a. Providing shortage products (API > sterile)
     b. Providing good BUD of otherwise short-dated products
     c. Ready-to-Use dosage forms for products that come in a vial (i.e. syringes, IV bags)
     d. Labeling that incorporates ASTM coloring, and other ISMP safety measures
Savings Actualyzer – Purchased Services: Expand Your View of Purchased Services Spending
Purchased services represents an average of 20 percent of an organization’s spend – a significant amount of spend to target for standardization and cost-saving opportunities. With the purchased services module of Savings Actualyzer, you can get a comprehensive view of your spend down to the line-item level, identify and act on savings opportunities.
After this Lunch N Learn, you will be able to:
  • Understand the value of a comprehensive suite (sourcing, advisory and analytics) to your organization as you evaluate and control purchased services spend.
  • Articulate the unique and specialized features of the purchased services module within the Savings Actualyzer platform.
  • Hear examples of how current users of this new technology are finding answers to business challenges.