Focus Groups offer providers a small-group research setting in which to share observations and insights on issues having the greatest impact in the healthcare supply chain.  Host companies welcome your opinion on industry trends, business priorities and more.  Focus Groups are for providers only and each is limited to 10 attendees.  
For more information on Spring 2018 Focus Groups, please contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725.  
2017 Fall IDN Summit Focus Groups
Sunday, August 27
5:00 pm -- 6:30 pm
Grand Canyon 2
The Olympus UNIFIA System:  Visualize your GI Lab with Real-Time Data for Improved Efficiency
As the clinical demands of cleaning and disinfecting endoscopes increase, staff adherence to endoscope reprocessing instructions becomes even more challenging. This requires supervisors and infection control professionals to have greater visibility into the utilization, cleaning, reprocessing and storage of flexible endoscopes in their facilities. Olympus strives to continuously develop technologies that address the Triple Aim of reducing costs, improving the quality of care and enhancing patient satisfaction. The Olympus UNIFIA system provides unparalleled transparency into key GI room metrics allowing facilities to reduce costs by optimizing their medical device utilization, creating better procedural outcomes by quickly visualizing missed steps in endoscope reprocessing, and offering a better patient experience through enhanced staff communication to keep their GI labs running on time. In this interactive session, you will have a chance to review the new Olympus UNIFIA reprocessing documentation, workflow and asset management system and share your perspectives and insights.
Monday, August 28
8:00 am -- 10:30 am
Grand Canyon 12
Reimagining the Healthcare Supply Chain

Amazon Business is improving the way healthcare organizations source and purchase products with a goal of making supply chains more efficient, simplifying contract administration and bringing comparison shopping to healthcare. Share your input on challenges your organization faces today and give input to Amazon Business healthcare leaders on your ideas for innovation.
Grand Canyon 13
From Requisition to Discharge: Leveraging Supply Chain Analytics with Clinical Utilization
BroadJump has introduced disruptive technology that utilizes a comparative engine to allow hospitals/health systems to understand where they are overpaying for medical-surgical supplies based on spend, market share and other factors. This information can be leveraged – when combined with clinical data – to uncover the true costs of procedures and provide additional insight. In this focus group, we will be eliciting your feedback on driving supply chain efficiency and how you are actively manage non-labor supply costs.  
Grand Canyon 9
Building the Business Case & Mitigating Operating Risks in the Deployment of A CSC
Ryder and RiseNow have teamed up to lead a collaborative discussion regarding ongoing cost pressures of managing material, resources and behavior that pressure the economic wellbeing of the hospital supply chain.  During the Focus Group, the facilitators and group participants will discuss the deployment of a Behavioral Consolidation Center and engage in topics and questions such as:
  • What are the real cost drivers that inhibit IDNs from recognizing more value relative to supplies and medical devices?
  • What is the difference between a Consolidated Service Center (CSC) and a Behavioral Consolidation Center?
  • What is the best approach to deploy a CSC and what options do you have to mitigate risk, leverage capital and learn from other industries relative opportunities and success drivers?
  • What is a 3PL and what value can it bring to an IDN?
  • How can IDNs build a business case to uncover significant savings when deploying a CSC or Behavioral Consolidation Center?
  • How have other “Lives at Risk” verticals leveraged supply chain integrators and 4PLs to transform their industry over the past 20 years?
Grand Canyon 11
Advancing Patient Care While Reducing Cost:  Achievable Goal or Pipedream?
Innovation in medical technologies is required to advance patient care.  However, innovation requires investment.  In today’s healthcare environment, which is increasingly focused on reducing costs and driving efficiencies, how can start-up companies provide next-generation technologies and be on the right side of the cost equation?  TELA Bio, a surgical reconstruction company, seeks to meet this challenge.  In this Focus Group, join your peers to brainstorm and share disruptive ways in which companies and health systems can partner to foster innovation while reducing costs.  
Grand Canyon 10
Supply Chain 2020 - A New Revenue Model Through Innovation
Supply Chain-as-a-Revenue Source? Supply Chain-as-an-Innovation Incubator? How can Supply Chain drive the new normal towards healthcare sustainability?
Today, Supply Chain is asked to be more than a service provider and cost center for health systems.  As healthcare faces downward reimbursement pressure in a shifting landscape, the hospital supply chain will be the focal point of discussions to innovate and drive new revenue streams.  VantEdge One Group will lead a group discussion with successful providers, entrepreneurs, investors, and physicians to define the key opportunities, elements, systems, and limitations that position Supply Chain at the everyday center of revenue and commercialization for never before capitalized opportunities for healthcare.
VantEdge One Group is a healthcare innovation and venture firm investing in the future of healthcare sustainability through novel technologies and methods that solve everyday healthcare problems.