Focus Groups offer providers a small-group research setting in which to share observations and insights on issues having the greatest impact in the healthcare supply chain.  Host companies welcome your opinion on industry trends, business priorities and more.  Focus Groups are for providers only and each is limited to 10 attendees.  
For more information on Spring 2018 Focus Groups, please contact Lisa Ponssa at 859.309.6725.  
2018 Spring IDN Summit Focus Groups
Monday, April 16, 2018
8:00 am -- 10:30 am
Glen Eagles Boardroom
Assessing & Operationalizing Oncology Biosimilars in Health Systems 
Coherus BioSciences is a leading biologics platform company solely focused on delivering high-quality biosimilar therapeutics that will expand patient access to life-changing medicines in regulated markets worldwide. CHS-1701 (pegfilgrastim biosimilar) is the furthest advanced of the late-stage clinical products.
Please join your peers as we elicit your feedback on “Best Practices” in Formulary assessment, selection and incorporation of oncology biosimilars in the hospital out-patient setting. 
Oakmont B
Value of Supply Chain in Enterprise Analytics

Healthcare IQ’s focus group seeks insights into the importance of leveraging analytics to drive cost savings and decision-making within the clinical space. Discuss new technologies that allow for quick access to metrics, such as supply cost per case, as well as the clinical drivers that help drive standardization and utilization.  Provide feedback on Healthcare IQ’s Analytics Continuum and how, with the supply chain as the foundation, it can assist with optimization and innovation. 
Royal Dublin B
Supply Chain Intelligence: Infor Supply Chain Team and Dynamic Science Labs Want to Hear From You

To keep supply costs under control while delivering high-level care, you need easily consumable, actionable insights into all your inventory levels. Infor is dedicated to advancing the healthcare supply chain with science-based, data-driven inventory intelligence. Come join our Senior Scientist from Infor Dynamic Science Labs, our Supply Chain Management Product Management Director, and the Healthcare Strategy Director as we discuss how we plan to enhance our Supply Chain Intelligence offerings. The session will be an interactive dialogue between leaders in the industry and the Infor Healthcare Supply Chain team to discuss six new areas of interest for Supply Chain Intelligence. These areas include: Volume Driven Demand Forecasting, Advanced Contract Analysis, SKU Rationalization, Preference Card Optimization, SCM Productivity and Space Optimization.  
Royal Dublin A
The Emergence and Impact of Virtual Medical Presence
Mergers and consolidation of hospitals and health systems lead to opportunities and challenges.  One of the main challenges facing vertically integrated delivery networks is care team collaboration across large geographies.  Furthermore, we realize that the care team sometimes goes beyond health care providers, especially for new technological innovations that may require the medical device or solutions vendor to become an important part of the care team by providing either live case support or staff training.  These types of internal care team collaboration and vendor support activities may result in expensive travel expenses ultimately adding to the cost of devices and technology that the hospitals rely upon.  We invite you to a discussion on how secure virtual solutions designed for medical collaboration can create and expand the reach of care teams that are not necessarily located in the same facility, and can also remove cost from the system by enabling remote training and support.    
Oakmont A
Breaking the Bundling Code to Gain Access to Realized Savings
TELA Bio is a surgical reconstructive company committed to providing innovative solutions to clinically advance soft tissue and hernia repair through a disruptive business model, providing immediate and sustainable cost savings. We believe that we have successfully created three of four parts of the formula necessary to break the bundling code in this market segment.  The final and critical fourth part of the formula is strategic alignment with sourcing/supply chain leadership.  We are seeking candid feedback and guidance from sourcing/supply chain leadership attendees interested in breaking the bundling code.